I’m a techie by trade, which started out as a hobby many years ago.  Never thought of becoming a photographer or being the artistic type…I’m a budding photog according to Henie! I only started doing more photos recently, in the last year or so, thanks to some encouragement from an artistic friend. I shoot with only a point and shoot camera at the moment, though I may get a DSLR when I feel the time is right.

I don’t have a style in mind when I shoot, I just try to capture what I see and feel when something moves me. No Photoshop in my skill set, so my shots are pretty much how I capture them.  The only editing I make for now are crops and perhaps rotating the picture in MS Paint!

Looking forward to better shots and bringing out the artistic side in me. Perhaps I’ll even learn some decent Photoshop skills down the road. I look forward to photography tips from all you pros and enthusiasts!













One Response to “Qi”

  1. You just made my day!! I was having a bad couple of hours until I saw this 🙂 Thanks Henie!!

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