A blogger and foodie with pension for photography, Oakley brandishes her Samsung Omnia and Nikon D40 at anything and everything in sight.  However, she is a bit of a purist when it comes to photography.

Partly because she started off her interest for photography with her dad’s 1976 Pentax ME into which films need to be hand-cranked.  Partly because of her USC film school training back in the days where you shoot everything pure and true.  Partly because Oakley believes that what you capture *is* the moment; editing that image would be like altering reality.   There’s as much poetry in those lost moments as the ones captured.

So, 98% of the time, her photos are free of digital manipulation.

That’s how she rolls.


katiejustin (67)



4 Responses to “Oakley”

  1. I love the roses!

  2. I love how you “roll” Oakley! I am so honored you joined us! Yeah, I like shooting in the raw of things with minimal manipulation if any! :~)

  3. Beautiful photos! I am the bad girl in the group…I love to manipulate the photos…it’s creative play for me. I love that everyone has their own style here…this is going to be awesome!

  4. Yep everyone has his/her own style. That’s why we’re going to get along famously. 🙂 Thanks, ladies!

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