Perhaps to some, my photographs lack the “technical perfection” often sought in the classic sense of what photography should or should not be.

As a photographer, I shoot with no rules.  I seldom if ever, utilize a tripod (except for creative self-shots) hence, all my shots are hand-held.  Unlike most photographers, I do not have a designated photo studio to capture my images because it is in nature and the universe that I find the palette I want for a backdrop. My images are raw and candid.  Sometimes I end up “chasing my shot” but more likely than not, it is the shots that ultimately “chase me.”

What at first is captured by my heart, is then captured by my eye…and sometimes what is not captured in a photograph, reveals more of the essence; but in the end, the passion that has been placed in my heart…becomes the true joy of what I share for always.

My photographs are simply the sighs of my soul capturing the smile of yours.











2 Responses to “Henie”

  1. Just from what I have seen I think a kids photoshoot is right up our alley.

    Henie, the last shot reminds me of the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, one of my favorite places in the world.

  2. Hi Annette!

    Thank you! Children are so much fun to photograph especially when they don’t know about it! :~)

    The last shot was taken while I was driving in my car going to Ojai…it was a particularly foggy day and the sights were incredible! With one hand on the wheel, the camera and my other hand can put claim to the shot of this photo! :~)

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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